Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sell the Pig and Keep Your Lipstick

Hockey moms, pit bulls - Lipstick.
Pigs - Lipstick.
The stock market - ...lipstick?

I've been hearing many jokes, idioms, and remarks made lately involving lipstick (thank you so much Sarah Palin), but here is a cold, hard fact: when the stock market bottoms out, more lipstick is sold.

That means, with all the bad news about Wall Street going about today, people are going to need advice about this affordable luxury - and I am happy to oblige.

The Best Lipsticks of Fall 2008 (according to KiKi)
  • Lipfinity by Max Factor (I like "Passionate")
  • Cream Lipstick by Lorac (I like "Karma")
  • Mocktail gloss by Lorac ( I like "Caffeini Martini")
  • Lipgloss by Laura Mercier ("Bronzed Berry")
  • Lipstick by NARS ("Shanghai Express")

If you are at all curious to try these little beauties out, please do so and feel free to post your thoughts here! You can also tell me what your favorites are...


  1. My faves:

    MAC Lipgelee in Jellybabe
    Burt's Bees basic lip balm
    MAC Lipglass (stickier than lipgelee) in Enchantress
    MAC Plushglass in Foolishly Fab (looks purple in tube but fabulous over any lipstick)

  2. Ooh! Great additions to the list! I have a lot of faves in MAC... Good call!

  3. I have a bias with so many pals as MAC artists but the Lipgelee has a special place in my heart because a friend helped develop the product.

    Next time we are together I say we "play" makeup...sessions can wait!


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