Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tweet Your Pants Off, #CalSAE11

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We all need time to think, reflect on what we've learned, and take a brether sometimes in between learning...that is what the DelCor sponsored "White Space Time" is for. But lest you think we've lost our creative spirit, DelCor is using our "White Space Time" as an opportunity to win something almost everyone will iPad2...for your Twitter prowess.

"White Space Time" – Sponsored by DelCor on Tuesday, March 29 from 12:45-1:30pm PT 
While I am at CalSAE, we will be collecting your tweets using the #CalSAE11 hashtag, posted in the comments on the DelCor blog or to my attention on Twitter, and we will decide on the BEST motivational tweet for all of CalSAE ELEVATE 2011! Submissions must come in before the end of the "White Space Time" sponsored by DelCor. The winner will receive an iPad2 to be mailed to his/her place of business following the meeting.(And yes, you must be an attendee at CalSAE's ELEVATE 2011 Conference to win.)

So...grab our attention! Make your tweet stand out! Post your friend's great idea on Twitter and let us know about it could just win a nifty new device for your 140 character submission.

Best of luck and see everyone in California!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Where Am I Going and Where Have I Been?

This past week I fell ill and had some hours of quiet to think about what was happening in my life. I'm very lucky.

I have a beautiful, loving family.

I have a fun boss and a job with lots of room for growth.

I am a part of a vibrant community of online bloggers, social media-types, association and events folks who constantly inspire me.

I am surrounded by an amazing support system - I couldn't ask for a better husband or sister who will hear me out whether I make sense or not.

But when I was tired and sick in bed, I felt out of touch and out of balance. Why?

Success begets success

...or at least, that's my usual view of how the world works. You put out positive and you receive positive. You put out good work and good things come your way. So why was I feeling so low?

I soon realized I was waiting for something more. The next big project. The next big speaking gig. The next big goal to go after and achieve. I know it seems a little ridiculous - but I was nervous about the pace I was keeping and also afraid to slow down at all. Why would I feel I need more? After all, I can pay my bills and my family is healthy, what more could I want?

But I have this niggling voice in the back of my head telling me to try harder, do more, be more. Sometimes that voice should probably be muted. But other times it drives me to better success. The question is: What should I do with that voice right now?

Remembering the why

Ann Oliveri, a gifted consultant who has been working with me as my career coach these past few months, suggested re-framing the way I approach meetings and projects. She advised setting up a list of my criteria for accepting (or turning down) a project or speaking gig.

Here's what I've come up with so far:
1. It doesn't keep me away from my family for over 4 days
2. It (at minimum) covers my transportation fee and related expenses
3. It fits into my overall goals for furthering my business
4. It allows me flexibility in presentation style
5. I have enough advance notice to do a quality job

I'm still working on my list and I am open to suggestions. Have any of you done this for your own use? What was on your list?

What do I bring to the table?

I am happy with the publicity I am bringing to DelCor, but I would like to achieve more than that. I am busy working with a few great clients right now, but I wonder if I could be doing more with the client work. For example, I have some great training materials for social media training for staff that is ready to go - should I try to do more to bring in clients that need that kind of help? I enjoy working with organizations to add a social media element to their conferences and events - am I really telling people that I am available for that kind of work? I really love working with chapter leaders to inspire them to do more with their groups using technology and other motivations tools, so how can I create more projects like that for myself?

DelCor has placed no pressure on me to meet any kind of sales goals or even billable hours goals and of course I want to rock my employer's how do I do that with everything I am doing (the webcasts, the blogs, the tweetchat moderation, the public speaking, and the client work) and stay sane for my family while doing things like writing a book, studying for a certain exam I want to take again, and running a freelance makeup artistry business on the side. The heat is on.

On the other hand, with all the speaking I do, maybe I should concentrate harder in that area. I enjoy speaking to groups, but I find myself wishing for more. Maybe I should look into developing my media skills and presentation ability to take things to the next level? What would going to that next level mean? More travel away from my family? Do I want that? *sigh*

I guess with Spring in the air, we all do a little mental cleaning. Maybe it is only natural to periodically review what to keep and what to toss; to examine what needs sprucing up and what needs to take a back burner.

What about you? Do you do this with your own life? With your career? What do you want to take a closer look at this year?

*Note: Ann Oliveri is AMAZING. She is not only knowledgeable, but supportive and empowering. I cannot recommend working with her enough.

Also, if you haven't read Joyce Carol Oates' story, "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?" get thee to Amazon right now!

Ooh, and shout out to Elizabeth Weaver Engel who is always there for me with her smart and savvy self - talk about someone who has it all together...she's a super smart cookie!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Social Media Sweet Spot Book Club Poll

Since last Thursday I've been hearing from slackers who (like me) haven't quite finished their book for this month's Social Media Sweet Spot Book Club gathering. Because of that, I am posting this poll and trying to collect some information on whether or not to reschedule the meeting from this Thursday to a later date (and probably later hour) so we can gather for drinks and discussion about Connected.

Please let me know your thoughts!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Creating Compelling Meeting Experiences: IACC’s Thought Leader Summit

Creating Compelling Meeting Experiences: IACC’s Thought Leader Summit

Not attending the 2011 International Association of Conference Center’s annual conference in Leesburg, Virginia? This is your invitation to the webcast of the Thought Leaders Summit. IACC hopes you’ll take away a tidal wave of fresh perspectives, vital insights and cutting-edge information for the meetings information!

The diverse panel includes an authority on fully engaged adult learning and conference design; an expert on breakthrough learning; a member of the Steering Committee of the much-anticipated “Project Meeting Architecture;” a designer of furnishings and meeting spaces; a seasoned planner at an IACC conference center and a guru on incorporating social media into the meeting experience.

The panel will be facilitated by John Potterton, winner of IACC’s Award of Excellence, Pyramid Award and Mel Hosansky Award for Distinguished Service.

Goal: At the end of the session, meeting planners, event professionals, and conference center representatives awill have new knowledge and understanding to create compelling meeting experiences which engage participants and lead to business transformation.

Don’t miss IACC’s FREE live webcast
2011 Thought Leader Summit: “Creating Compelling Meeting Experiences.”
IACC’s Third Annual Thought Leader Summit will be broadcast live to The National Conference Center and webcast around the world from the Kellogg Center at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC.

The theme is “Creating Compelling Meeting Experiences.” The event will focus on brain-compatible learning, creating productive and memorable experiences, and measuring their impact.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Columbia Idea Swap - Livecasting for Your Association

That's right, my friends...I will be in Columbia, Maryland this Wednesday for the Columbia Idea Swap discussing how I do the weekly DelCor Social Media Sweet Spot and the tricks, tips, and tools I use along the way. I'll be hosting a live show and then deconstructing the process and answering questions.

What are your questions about doing video podcasts? I'll try to incorporate them into the show and discussion at the Idea Swap!

Below is Peggy Hoffman's write up and description (with registration link) about the event! See you there!

From Peggy Hoffman's post to the ASAE Component Relations Section Council:

I am really excited to share that KiKi L'Italien (Component Section Chair and social media guru-ess) is doing her Social Media Sweet Spot LIVE at the Columbia Idea Swap this Wednesday, March 9. During lunch (12-1:30) KiKi will start with a live airing of her show. Then, she'll lead us in deconstructing how to livestream content from your association headquarters, conferences or events for the best informal learning possible. Don't miss the behind the scenes look at DelCor's Social Media Sweet Spot. Of course its free - bring your lunch. And if you're collecting those CAE units, we'll give you 1 for attending.

PS - special thanks to Kerry Stackpole of Printing and Graphics Association MidAtlantic who's hosting us at his shop on 9685 Gerwig Lane, Columbia, MD 21046.


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