Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I Want From Santa for Christmas 2010 - No. 3

Dear Santa,

I can't think of one good reason you shouldn't send me to SXSW. In fact, I can point to many reasons why *not* sending me is a bad idea:

1. The North Pole and Santa brand needs an overhaul and some cool WOM marketing tactics integrated with social media would help you out a great deal. I could boost what I already know about all of that while at SXSW. Pow! That's me. Call me...I can help.

2.  SXSW "fills the well" and would give me new ideas to ponder for the entire year and beyond. Can you imagine how many blog posts I could write about things other than what I want for Christmas?

3. Did you see the Interactive track? That's all me. I could learn from those around me how to not only do my web shows better, but how to be better at my job. That's really important.

4. I have direct influence over an almost-three-year-old in my house. Santa is big at this age...don't make this child's mother cry in envy when Mommy starts seeing all the tweets from SXSW...

So you see, Santa, I think at least this Christmas wish deserves some thought. What do you think?

Many thanks,


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Top 10 Things You Shouldn't Do At BlogWorld

1. Get in a bar fight with someone over how many Twitter followers you have
2. Open the minibar in your room after a full night of drinking
3. Agree to too many offers (over drinks) to start new blog collaborations with other people (geek version of, "I love you, man!")
4. Sleep in your makeup
5. Live on the sponsors and gift providers food and drink offerings (McCallan and Domino's pizza anyone?)
6. Just tell people to meet at the "Slushie Bar" - there are a lot of those!
7. Leave without visiting the blogger lounge
8. Spring for a new hair cut, color, and Brazilian hair treatment at the most expensive place possible
9. Order at 4 a.m. from a McDonald's where the electricity to the cash register is off and the person taking orders is doing math on a sheet of paper
10.  Spread meh

Monday, October 18, 2010

BlogWorld's Best Booth - A Taste of DIY Creativity

Attending BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2010 was supposed to give me inspiration. I went to BlogWorld to "fill the well" while learning new things I might apply to my job and passion.

There will be many more posts to come once I have a chance to rehash everything in my mind, but I wanted to make sure to address the Expo Hall experience early on so I could give a company with a great outlook some attention.

One of the best booths I saw in the Expo Hall, if not the best, was not the most expensive or the one with the best giveaway ('sup McCallan! Thanks for the free whisky!). had a DIY attitude reflecting the org's idea of "Sharism" at their booth and they should have had their own session during the show to discuss this idea and application of it. In the nonprofit/association world I live and work in, the need to share and find creative ways to market is not only interesting, but imperative for survival. This outfit gets it.

Here's a clip of me talking to (Jon Phillips @rejon) about the idea of "the more you give, the more you get." (if the vid doesn't load, try this: had a small booth featuring bags and promotional t-shirts from other companies featuring the logo (a super cool design, by the way) which they screen-printed at the booth in an excellent display of practicing what they preach. There is plenty of stuff out there you can use to re-purpose as your organization's own marketing...why spend thousands of dollars when you don't have to? I like the team. You should, too.

What I Want From Santa for Christmas 2010 - No. 2

Why don't I have this yet? Oh yeah, because I'm poor and convinced the iPad 2 will have things like a webcam and USB ports...

Still, for conferences and meetings, I know I need one. Santa, what's a geek gotta do?