Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Three Things You Can Do Today to Be Better at Working with Members

  1. Attend the free Component Relations Virtual Lunch at noon eastern on “Working with Toxic Chapter Execs” - Register here:
  2. Phone 218-936-7979 (Access code *189780)
  3. Read Frank Fortin’s post on the new requirements for communications in associations URL:
  4. Read “Get One New Idea Going” on Acronym

Bonus Points: Send me your best ways to promote and reward your volunteers and leaders (send to

Friday, December 5, 2008

On My Desk

You have a Picture Mail from



View Picture
Print at Retail
Reply to Sender
Reply to All

Send and receive Pictures and Videos through Picture MailSM. For more information go to
Please be aware your friends can forward your picture, video, and album share invitations to others or post the unique Web link to your share invitation on any number of sources (e.g. blogs), through which others could also gain access to your online photos. If you have private or sensitive photos you are sharing, please share them only with those you trust.
© 2008 Sprint. All rights reserved.
VeriSign's Home Page
Posting to my blog from my phone seems too dangerous. Kind of like drunk dialing...

At any rate, this is a test. It is only a test.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Five Favorite People to Follow on Twitter (& Why)

Playing “Blog-Tag” is a new favorite pastime for me and recently the ever expanding game of tag has evolved into people listing their favorite people to follow on Twitter. In keeping with that I've decided to list five of the most helpful Twitterers I know.

Here they are:

It almost goes without saying, but Chris Brogan probably has the most consistent, helpful information about social media out there. He like to share what he knows and he is privy to lots of great links that he shares with everyone. I think everyone should follow him on Twitter.
In addition, he is a really nice guy.

I don’t even know her, but I like her style. She sometimes posts links to reports and information about new media that I find useful.

This woman is a great presenter and she is full of ideas. Cynthia is a valuable resource if you are engaged in some kind of volunteer management. Quite experienced, she can connect you with webinars and all kinds of information that will help you out with improving your communication with groups.

Another fantastic resource for good links to information about social media out there…

Maddie is dynamic and fun…she will post updates that are linked to her blog and her focus is on social media and associations. What I like about Maddie’s posts is that she will remind people in real time that something, like an online chat, is going to start in 5-10 minutes. Very helpful to have reminders about free informative chats!

There are many, many others who I follow and who I choose to receive their updates on my phone, but the names I listed are my favorites who also happen to be quite helpful to me.

Do you have suggestions for me? Please feel free to post them here!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Five things about me

Maybe you have already met Cynthia D’Amour, or know of her through her blog or books...she’s the person who tagged me for a fun round of the “five things you don’t know about me” game.

I feel so special! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, …here we go.

1. I have been on Good Morning America and 60 Minutes

  • Was on GMA last week for a story on families and the holidays
  • Was on 60 Minutes about 10 years ago as a Slam Poet performing in Chicago
  • Also was on a brief VH1 show called “Motor Mouth” when I secretly set my friend up to sing in a car

2. My first name is not a nickname and the 2nd “K” is really supposed to be capitalized

  • It is no joke – that’s how it is on my birth certificate
  • My middle name rhymes with my sister’s middle name
  • The number of times someone has asked about Elton John and Kiki Dee’s “Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart” song is ridiculous.

3. I am from a small town and used to dance for cattle because I had zero neighbor kids to play with.

  • My favorite albums were Xanadu and a Jackson 5 compilation.
  • I used to think Michael Jackson’s tour bus would break down and he would be forced to walk through the woods behind my house so he’d accidentally come across me dancing and would be amazed by my talent.
  • I didn’t always stop dancing when cars drove by the house next to the fields.

4. Books were the only items my dad would allow me without limitation when I was a kid.

  • I had the largest collection of books of anyone I knew.
  • I have a large range of tastes.
  • I rarely went outside (except to dance for some cows).

5. My high school art teacher taught me how to play basic chords on guitar.

  • He also gave me a guitar he had restored.
  • I also play piano - took lessons for years...
  • I wish I played both better than I do.
Now…ha ha! ...I get to challenge five more people to share.

Here are my five:
Kylee Coffman – My sister in crime and a Mortified champ.
Sarah Grace McCandless – Author, blogger, and Cupcake Master.
Clay Dunn – Expert on all things food and literature-related. Clay and Zach are bloggers for The Bitten Word.
Zach Patton – Top Chef and guru on DC happenings.
Jolene Siana – Author and NYC tour guide extraordinaire!

Don’t let me down!