Monday, May 23, 2011

Joplin Friends - Tune in For Latest Info for Food/Shelter/Donations

This is a livestream radio/audio webcast from Joplin, Missouri that you can access online for the latest info in the area...good luck, friends.

KZRG - 1310 AM Joplin, MO

Friday, May 20, 2011

Zombies, the Apocalypse, and Jeff Hurt...Oh My!

Lessons learned from this show:
1. Always check "autolive" when you have multiple videos to play - otherwise, the sound gets messed up.
2. Refresh UStreamPro after making multiple changes and saving.
3. Always make sure the side monitor sound is off and viewers aren't hearing an echo

Additional lessons:
1. Prepare for zombie attacks
2. Be humble

Cyber-Bullying in Associations: Could It Happen To You?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dear Google Voice: Apologize Now!

From a Google Voice message sent to me in transcript form today:

"Hey girl, Just seeing yeah. Ohh. I'm walking around. Rosalyn trying to find a see you. Hi, If really sadwhen the the post office has lost away and I'd like see if you might be able map, and still can't findthat but wrong kind of it. I agree. John beloved sister. So You know those anyway Yeah, That's my lifeand hope you're doing well. And when you might have and and I'm going to ask for your senior tricks.And then And I was looking really cute picture, but I was wondering if I don't know if not today in the Idid have anyway. Alright love you bye bye."
Play message

Dear Google Voice: I love you and all, but I just listened to this message and your transcribed version makes no sense. Not that they are ever perfect, really, but you even had to add the word "senior" in there which wasn't even necessary. You hurt my feelings and I think you should say sorry.

Maybe you could say it in that GPS English Woman voice that my car uses.

Or you could say it like "Kit" from the Knight Rider series.

Whichever voice it is, I think you should say "sorry" with it - or you could just insert "young hot go-getter" into my future Google voice messages.

You should pay me for these great ideas I have.