Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dear Diary - I hate Sharepoint!

Dear Diary,

Things were going so well. The all-staff was full of colleagues ready for the meeting to start so they could get to the promised lunch waiting for them just outside the conference room doors.

The PowerPoint presentations were loaded up and the review of events at the annual meeting began. I got up and did my super-charged presentation about chapters and sections making sure to include information about how I'd effective used Twitter and Collective X to organize the attendees before, during, and after the meeting. I think I did okay!

People smiled as I sat down and almost every presentation afterward mentioned the student chapters I work with....which made me smile.

Then, just before the meeting ended, William Jack Henry* stood up and began his presentation with a nod to me referring to how much time I took presenting and then verbally poked at my successful communication platform (Collective X) saying that he preferred to use Sharepoint as it was geared for people over twelve-years-old. Ouch! (Of course, he *does* have a different sort of dry sense of humor, so I suppose I need to be a little bit more thick-skinned.) Still, I hate Sharepoint, so I am the slightest bit bitter.

Trying to let it go...but I might just have to eat some chocolate to get over it.

Top 3 Reasons I Hate Sharepoint:
  1. Too many clicks to do anything
  2. Takes the "fun" out of "functional"
  3. Does not encourage interaction