Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Attracting and Retaining Young Professionals Members

Every month ASAE's Component Relations Council produces a Virtual Lunch teleconference about a topic of interest for Component Relations professionals (a.k.a. people who work with membership groups). I just came from this month's call and once again I feel flush with ideas and inspiration from all of the participants sharing helpful ideas.

This month's call focused on "Attracting and Retaining Young Professionals Members."

Samantha Whitehorne, who just published an article for the GW Network Now titled "Young Professionals Unite," was a panelist on the call and shared the Top 6 Benefits Young Professionals are looking for from their associations:

Unique opportunities. Meaning that he mixes the fun with the educational. Hold a leadership event that is also a cooking class or host a networking reception in a cool venue that they do not usually have access to.

Networking. It’s important for Young Professionals to have older mentors, but it’s also important for them to network in their own age group, since they will work their way up in the organizations at the same time. It gives them the ability to foster relationships now.

Sounding board. They can discuss the problems they face in the workplace with their peers, but also talk about career issues like pay or advancement.

Leadership. Some YPs may think they don’t get to display enough of their leadership skill in the office. But by joining these groups, they have the opportunity to do so, which will translate back into their days jobs.

Make it personal. Make them feel invited. Keep communicating with them.

Keep YPs top of mind. For example, the economy. Most have never dealt with a recession. Hold a career or financial management seminar.

For more information on future Virtual Lunch seminars (they are free!), visit the ASAE calendar of events.

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