Monday, September 6, 2010

Recipe for a Solid Social Media Program, Association-Style

[Disclosure: This is a post telling you to attend Progress U...basically a commercial, since it is a DelCor event and I'm speaking at it. Just wanted to be up front about it...]

I'm a terrible cook. I love good food, but unless it is comfort food, I am probably not the person who should be making it. Ask my boss at DelCor and he'll say, "just keep her away from the salt" (he was able to see my awful cooking in action at a "Cooking with DelCor client event).


Even I know the secret to success is a good recipe. I am good at creating a solid social media program for associations and the secret is in THREE KEY INGREDIENTS.

I almost told everyone what those three ingredients were last week on the Social Media Sweet Spot show, but Maddie Grant of SocialFish (my friend and monthly co-host for the show) wisely interjected people should come see the presentation and attend Progress U to find out more.

I agree.

Attend the Progress U event. It will be fun. It will be smart. It will teach you the recipe for a Solid Social Media Program, Association-Style. You may not be able to bring that kind of dish to a potluck dinner, but I think you'll find the recipe will open all kinds of other doors for your association.

Progress U is September 16. Register today!

Speakers include:

Tobin Conley

Tobin is a senior consultant at DelCor. He works with association and nonprofit clients to discover appropriate IT strategies to accomplish their respecitve missions.

David Coriale

Dave is president of DelCor and also serves as a senior consultant in areas related to usability and strategy. He possesses a broad view of operational, management and strategic-related uses of technology.

Amy Hissrich

KiKi L'Italien (Me)

KiKi is a senior consultant at DelCor specializing in member communities and communications. She is a sought-after speaker and host of the DelCor Social Media Sweet Spot.

Thad Lurie

Thad is vice president of information technology for the American Health Lawyers Association. He has presented for ASAE, AMP, and the SharePoint User Group on a wide array of topics. Thad is on the ASAE Technology Council and served on the executive board of the Protech User Group.

Dan Scheeler

Dan is the director of website architecture for the National Quality Forum. He has 10 years experience trying to make association websites less painful for their users.

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