Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Conversations That Matter: Post ASAE Annual Summary

In my life I have one association I belong to that continues to serve as my professional home - the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE). Every year when I leave ASAE's Annual Meeting, like I am today, I feel a combination of excitement and sadness. Excitement because I have new ideas and follow-up activities that will change my career for the better. Sadness because I have to leave all my good friends from all over the globe, whom I am not able to see very often face-to-face. It is like the end of summer camp, when we all go home from our friends to a world that seems a little different than it was before.

How I spent my summer at ASAE Camp:

1. I learned game changing tips from the sessions I attended that will change the way I present information and saw some dynamic presentations done in inspiring new and creative formats. I saw lessons presented as a fashion show, heard about brain science that increases learning for attendees, and listened to challenging discussions pushing the envelope on the way we look at association management.
2. I spent more time networking on the Expo Hall than I have in previous years and as a result I discussed potential new projects with people and forged new friendships. This used to be one of my least favorite parts of attending a conference and now I see it for the opportunities it presents. We are always learning!
3. In the bookstore I picked up the book I contributed a chapter to, The Component Relations Handbookand a little later that day discussed co-hosting a new podcast in the near future with a good friend of mine.
4. I co-hosted the daily "Live From ASAE" show with Jay Daughtry and John Chen, courtesy of TMA Resources and had a complete blast. We're discussing doing a recap of the conference, so be on the watch for that.
5. I attended a dinner, hosted by a dear friend, that included a diverse and good-to-know crowd. I have several lunch dates lined up as follow-up to that dinner.
6. I co-presented with Sandra Giarde and Renato Songueco on being a "Mobile Warrior" and we knocked it out of the park!

Sandra Giarde and me at Dallas Cowboys Stadium on Opening Night
There are so many more wonderful parts of the ASAE Annual experience, I can't share them all, but look for more outcomes and musings in the following days as I report out on what I learned and what I'm changing in my practice for associations as a result.

Thank you to ASAE for another great conference and many thanks to all of my friends and supporters who made the experience special!


  1. I'm so sad I barely got to see you the whole time!! I had a blast and thought it was a great conference, but I always come away from conferences with a list of people I didn't get to see but meant to, sessions I meant to attend but missed, etc.

  2. KiKi - I am sad that our paths did not cross at ASAE in Dallas. I hope they do, soon. In any event, keep up the great work! - Gary LaBranche


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