Wednesday, July 27, 2016

From Panicked to Productive: How to Lighten Your Load While Getting Your Om On

Welcome to this week’s Association Chat, your weekly online discussion for the association community where we warm ourselves by the virtual fire with the topics of the day, welcoming thought leaders and trailblazers alike to join up in this online home for the community.

I am your host, KiKi L’Italien, CEO of Amplified Growth digital marketing and longtime host of this weekly chat that has been around since 2009 on Twitter, Blab, and now Huzza.

This Week’s Show.
It seems like everyone is talking about mindfulness and business, incorporating meditation and exercise, using apps like Headspace, and trying to remember to be grateful while also navigating the day-to-day hassles like scheduling meetings, writing reports, and optimizing communication...not to mention stacking all of that on top of family obligations and professional development. It’s overwhelming.

My guests today are no stranger to these complications and they even have some ideas to share with how to navigate them. In fact, the three of us are presenting a session at ASAE Annual called “From Panicked to Productive: How to Lighten Your Load While Getting Your Om On” which is – we hope – going to be a lot of fun and practical for people.

Cynthia D’Amour has worked with association leaders and staff to get more members involved using a marketing-savvy leadership approach for over 20 years. She is a frequent speaker at leadership conferences and conventions adding lots of can-do, high-energy fun to the events.

Scott Oser also comes with over 20 years of experience in the association and publishing industries, focusing on marketing with a special kind of savvy in developing, implementing and analyzing multi-channel direct marketing programs. He also speaks at many conferences and events and I should mention that both Cynthia and Scott publish articles frequently and Cynthia has written 7 books at this point.

Today’s chat is not a copy of what we’re doing in Salt Lake City for ASAE Annual 2016, but it is a chance for us to chat a bit about some of the philosophies, habits, and questions surrounding this topic. It’s also a chance for us to go into a little more depth on some of our experiences and tricks that can't make it to the official presentation, but are still important to share. Enjoy!

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