Wednesday, February 10, 2010

#snOMG: The Game

This is a short little game for all the DC Metro folks stuck in the 2010 blizzard that is easy to play. You can incorporate alcohol if you don't have to work today, but if you are still online and working (like I am) just take a swig of coffee instead. Ready?

Just take a drink or give yourself a point if you have thought of the following during the past week of snow:

  1. Global warming
  2. Those commercials with the snowman that walks into a house and melts to become a little kid again (is that for soup?)
  3. Dr. Zhivago (movie & book)
  4. Napolean in Russia
  5. Hitler in Russia
  6. Anything in Russia
  7. Cavemen huddled in animal skins
  8. Hot chocolate
  9. Buying more canned goods
  10. How awesome webcams and the internet are
  11. The end of humanity
  12. The Donner Party
  13. The Ice Storm (movie)
  14. The condition of our nation's homeless
  15. The condition of the structure you are sitting in right now
  16. The location of your first aid kit
  17. Snow blindness
  18. The situation in Haiti (now that the news is focused on something else, what's happening over there?)
  19. Snowshoes
  20. Moisturizer and/or chapstick

Bonus points (drinks) for the following:

  • You are accutely aware of exactly how many rolls of toilet paper you have in the house.
  • You are accutely aware of the charging status of all of your electronic devices.
  • You are accutely aware of exactly how much coffee you have in the house (including the "emergency instant" in the back of the cabinet).

How did you do? Maxed out on points? Drunk?

Feel free to add rules and/or items to add to the list. We aren't going anywhere for a while! ;-)


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  1. Darnit, KiKi! I've failed your quiz. I'm in single digits. Maybe if you added #21, something about tech10, then I could score a dozen points on that question alone. In the meantime, I'll just pop a cork to keep my blood thinned out in case of stranding. ;-)

  2. I've awarded myself a double point for eating hot chocolate mix directly, having run out of milk :)

  3. 8 points here. Sadly all I've got is instant coffee (ok, embarrassing/pathetic--I don't know how to operate our coffee maker) and my kids think anyone who drinks so much as one drink is an alcoholic, so no drinking here. I should maybe get lameness points for having large quantities of both coffee and alcohol here in the house with me but can't drink either? Sigh.

    The one good thing about this snow (and I do mean one) is that it's a hell of a workout shoveling it--my arms and abs are killing.

  4. After 2 hours in Siberia walking the huskies, clearing the car, and shoveling snow, I have 3 points to add: (1) My thoughts go to "The Day After Tomorrow." I think that day is here, minus Jake Gyllenhaal. Sigh. Best line, from Dennis Quaid, "We've reached a critical desalinization point." Makes me giddy. (2) I'm the only person in the 'hood with a clean car AND driveway. Does that earn me a badge of honor ... or insanity? (3) Tell me again ... what are the first signs of frostbite?


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