Friday, January 8, 2010

The DelCor Social Media Sweet Spot

Today is the first webcast for the DelCor Social Media Sweet Spot - a quick online discussion about the week's best and worst in association social media. We'll discuss new blogs, associations who are doing neat things with social media, and I'll be giving away the Sweet Spot prize to an association that is finding the "sweet spot" in social media.

The tone is irreverent and I will be looking at the online discussion and answering your questions. This is not a show focused on production style...this is a way to chat together and laugh together each week while we talk about the latest happenings in the association world.

Join me every Friday starting today on our USTREAM Channel at at 12 ET. Hashtag: #sweetspot.


  1. Hi Kiki. I wasn't able to watch the live webcast. Is it available for viewing anywhere? The link in the post led nowhere. Thanks!

  2. Thanks! I think this should work:

    Let me know... :)

    Also, I'll be expecting to see you NEXT time! ;-)

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  4. Food is also a very shared content on social media. It makes social media more engaging.

  5. Nice post! Hope to see the next webcast. Thanks for sharing this post.


  6. Would definitely wait for your next webcast! More power!


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