Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Poken of My Affection

I will be at ASAE & The Center's #Tech10 Conference live blogging and meeting people at the DelCor booth (#226) on February 11 and 12. The booth babes (Dave, Bill, and I) will have a Poken gathering with an "Activation Station" and photo ops with a large Poken who will stand as the guardian for our team. What do you call that? A PokeUp? Um, no that doesn't seem right...

Not sure what a Poken is? It is a small little device that allows you to share business information (like an electronic business card) by holding it next to another Poken. Super convenient and it updates when you update your own information...if you change jobs, you can update your Poken info and everyone else who has a Poken will see your updated information when they check it.

See you at #tech 10!




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