Tuesday, June 15, 2010

No Zzzzzzs for Buzz

http://blog.onlineclock.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/first-snooze-button-clock.jpgTomorrow morning I'll be attending the 1st event in the Buzz2010 conference series (part of #DCWeek) by the smarties at SmartBrief and SocialFish and I need my beauty sleep. 


There is no snoozing at Buzz2010. The Buzz experience is all about quality content. If last year's Buzz is any indication, there will be no passive listening fluff in these sessions.

Also, this year I am part of Team Buzz, a cracker jack group (if I do say so, myself) of bloggers and social media types who will be reporting on Buzz2010 throughout the various events. I need to be well-rested to run with this bright crowd.

My Checklist for Tomorrow's Buzz2010 Event with Charlene Li:
  • Starbucks Via (which I first sampled at last year's Buzz, courtesy of Guy Kawasaki)
  • Groundswell and Open Leadership books for Charlene Li to sign 
  • Laptop, iPhone with cracked screen (yes, I pre-ordered the 4 today), iPad envy, Flip
  • Emergency flip flops (danced with the SocialFish the other night and still recovering)
  • UStream Producer installed and ready for action - planning a little Sweet Spot on the spot recording
  • a charger for my phone (because I've been forgetting my charger a lot lately)
 I will report from Buzz2010 tomorrow (look for hashtag #Buzz2010 on Twitter and #sweetspot posts throughout the day) but for now I need my zzzzzzzs. There is no rest tomorrow for Team Buzz. 

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