Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Morning Wish List

1. I wish I were a female Geoff Livingston. I'm okay and all, but this guy is no bullshit, creative, funny, and smart. He is held in high regard and with good reason. (Olivier Blanchard and Anthony Bourdain run second and third in this category.)

Geoff Livingston

2. I wish I could entertain on stage like Matthew Inman or Shirin Nishat. Actually, I want to be as cool as Shirin Nishat, too.

Shirin Nishat

3. I wish I had flowers in my house like this...

4. I wish I could make it so no child was ever hurt or unloved.

5. I wish I could understand math for the fascinating language that it is.

Along with my wishes for this week, I am grateful for all I do fabulous family, my firends, and a job in an industry that I love.

This week I am hoping to focus on making my clients feel exceptional and staying ahead of my schedule, rather than behind. I hope all of you have fabulous weeks...feel free to share your own wishes or goals for the week in your comments!

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  1. OMG, you are too kind! Kiki as Kiki is great as it is!


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