Sunday, March 6, 2011

Columbia Idea Swap - Livecasting for Your Association

That's right, my friends...I will be in Columbia, Maryland this Wednesday for the Columbia Idea Swap discussing how I do the weekly DelCor Social Media Sweet Spot and the tricks, tips, and tools I use along the way. I'll be hosting a live show and then deconstructing the process and answering questions.

What are your questions about doing video podcasts? I'll try to incorporate them into the show and discussion at the Idea Swap!

Below is Peggy Hoffman's write up and description (with registration link) about the event! See you there!

From Peggy Hoffman's post to the ASAE Component Relations Section Council:

I am really excited to share that KiKi L'Italien (Component Section Chair and social media guru-ess) is doing her Social Media Sweet Spot LIVE at the Columbia Idea Swap this Wednesday, March 9. During lunch (12-1:30) KiKi will start with a live airing of her show. Then, she'll lead us in deconstructing how to livestream content from your association headquarters, conferences or events for the best informal learning possible. Don't miss the behind the scenes look at DelCor's Social Media Sweet Spot. Of course its free - bring your lunch. And if you're collecting those CAE units, we'll give you 1 for attending.

PS - special thanks to Kerry Stackpole of Printing and Graphics Association MidAtlantic who's hosting us at his shop on 9685 Gerwig Lane, Columbia, MD 21046.


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