Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tweet Your Pants Off, #CalSAE11

[partially reposted from the DelCor Connections Blog]

We all need time to think, reflect on what we've learned, and take a brether sometimes in between learning...that is what the DelCor sponsored "White Space Time" is for. But lest you think we've lost our creative spirit, DelCor is using our "White Space Time" as an opportunity to win something almost everyone will iPad2...for your Twitter prowess.

"White Space Time" – Sponsored by DelCor on Tuesday, March 29 from 12:45-1:30pm PT 
While I am at CalSAE, we will be collecting your tweets using the #CalSAE11 hashtag, posted in the comments on the DelCor blog or to my attention on Twitter, and we will decide on the BEST motivational tweet for all of CalSAE ELEVATE 2011! Submissions must come in before the end of the "White Space Time" sponsored by DelCor. The winner will receive an iPad2 to be mailed to his/her place of business following the meeting.(And yes, you must be an attendee at CalSAE's ELEVATE 2011 Conference to win.)

So...grab our attention! Make your tweet stand out! Post your friend's great idea on Twitter and let us know about it could just win a nifty new device for your 140 character submission.

Best of luck and see everyone in California!

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