Thursday, March 1, 2012

Extrapolation Gets You No Where

Most of my life I have tried preparing for the future the best that I could. Sitting deep in thought,  going around and around looking at all the options and all the possibilities before moving forward had a dizzying effect. I've struggled with anxiety.

And here's what that did for me:

  • Nothing.

A friend of mine recently beseeched me to "stop extrapolating" so I would focus on being present and not worrying about things that haven't happened. Actually, she said this a lot and once I was finally able to stop thinking so much, an incredible thing happened...clarity! 

Not only did I feel a lot less anxious, but it was easier for me to make decisions; follow one step after another; be present.

How guilty are you of extrapolating rather than doing? What would happen if you just stopped?

Since meeting with her, I've been catching myself at various moments, getting all wrapped up in worry and then her lovely and mildly irritating admonishment comes into mind. It has actually had quite an effect on me and if she's reading this, she knows.

This year I started out with three ideas to guide me; goals to achieve: 

1. Do the work.
2. Say "yes" less.
3. Find the white space.

Extrapolation was getting in the way of "doing the work." You can't "do" when you are always and forever dwelling on one detail or planning too far ahead. 

Struggle with anxiety? Stop extrapolating and fully experience the moment. 

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  1. You're absolutely right, Kiki. Worry can get in the way when you're trying to get something accomplished. I've never thought of the word "extrapolating" in this context, but your point is spot on. It's important not to let yourself get paralyzed by fear. Make a decision that you're going to do something, and then do it.


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