Monday, July 2, 2012

Fierce Membership

The days of passive membership are done. For the most part, many people have found a way - or can find a way, should they desire - around paying for membership to allow for career growth and community.

But associations still have a place in the world - one that recognizes a new kind of member and a new set of expectations - a home for fierce membership.

What is "fierce membership" and how is it different than what associations have witnessed before? 

A "fierce member"...:

1. knows their benefits and probably wants all of them plus more
2. wants to be involved in volunteer efforts and will leave if not given the chance to change the organization (after all, they are already educated and active in the other free ways to engage, as well)
3. desperately wants to change the organization for the better from the inside-out
4. isn't satisfied with annual meetings - is looking for more engagement
5. can be your best advocate or worst enemy - depending on how you treat them

Do you recognize these qualities in any of your members? What are you doing today to foster this new breed of member and how is it challenging your routine?

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