Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Five Favorite People to Follow on Twitter (& Why)

Playing “Blog-Tag” is a new favorite pastime for me and recently the ever expanding game of tag has evolved into people listing their favorite people to follow on Twitter. In keeping with that I've decided to list five of the most helpful Twitterers I know.

Here they are:

It almost goes without saying, but Chris Brogan probably has the most consistent, helpful information about social media out there. He like to share what he knows and he is privy to lots of great links that he shares with everyone. I think everyone should follow him on Twitter.
In addition, he is a really nice guy.

I don’t even know her, but I like her style. She sometimes posts links to reports and information about new media that I find useful.

This woman is a great presenter and she is full of ideas. Cynthia is a valuable resource if you are engaged in some kind of volunteer management. Quite experienced, she can connect you with webinars and all kinds of information that will help you out with improving your communication with groups.

Another fantastic resource for good links to information about social media out there…

Maddie is dynamic and fun…she will post updates that are linked to her blog and her focus is on social media and associations. What I like about Maddie’s posts is that she will remind people in real time that something, like an online chat, is going to start in 5-10 minutes. Very helpful to have reminders about free informative chats!

There are many, many others who I follow and who I choose to receive their updates on my phone, but the names I listed are my favorites who also happen to be quite helpful to me.

Do you have suggestions for me? Please feel free to post them here!


  1. Good list!

    My favorites are the team at Hubspot:

    Also I'm a big fan of...

    and of course...@kikilitalien :)

    Any MANY more. There are too many to name!

  2. I haven't met anyone on your list -- yet. Thanks for including me! Will follow back.


  3. Thanks for the idea - turned into my own posting and for the ideas ... here are few others:

  4. Kiki, thanks!!! I am feeling lots of love today!

    I'm going to think about mine and do a post.

  5. I'm following most of those people already, so I guess I'm doing pretty good. Cheers -

    Scott @declutteryou


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