Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What If Associations Offered Free Membership for One Day...Announced Only Using Social Media

Those people over at Acronym blog have inspired me. Their month of big ideas has association bloggers buzzing and I have to admit that I've been thinking a lot about the resulting posts. What a fabulous way to wrap up the year...with our sights set firmly on the future!

My idea isn't a big one. I don't think it is even particularly clever, which is why I think every organization should adopt it. I think associations should identify one day a year for free memberships and keep it secret until the actual day...then announce it using their social media outlets.

Why do I like this idea? Because I think it is exciting to think of watching the word of mouth and viral nature of the promotion unfold during the day...there are so many things you could do with this! One thing it would do for sure is point you in the direction of the social influencers in your industry, if you don't already know who they are.

Fun messages could be prepared to go out immediately after the new members sign up, welcoming them and providing them with some online resources and groups they could join immediately to start taking advantage of their memberships...advising them to check out webinars or other types of materials a web savvy member would be interested in.

Who's in? If your organization does this or is planning to do it, please let me know about the process and results.

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