Tuesday, February 2, 2010

(Not) Testing ChipIn to see if I Can Do the CAE Immersion Study

Okay, I had wanted to test ChipIn to see how it worked and I thought of trying to raise money for the CAE Immersion Course. The Course is $745 and too pricey for me to swing right now...especially with it taking place February 24-26...in a few weeks.

But, it didn't feel right. I'm guessing I will test ChipIn when it comes time to try and raise money for my alma mater's International Fund, but for now I just feel a little ridiculous putting my virtual hand out for money. Sure, women pay for breast jobs and all kinds of stuff by putting their request for funding out there, but where does it end? I would never pay for someone else's boob job and although I probably would donate to help someone take the CAE Immersion Course, I just feel a little...uncomfortable with this idea.

What do you think? At any rate, I think ChipIn looks like a great way to coordinate funds...whether for a group gift or for a charity.


  1. I agree this is a rather awkward situation. And then, where would it end? Would we all fund each other's attendance at the annual meeting? Maybe not a bad idea . . .

    However, as much as I want you to succeed, I cannot support anyone taking the CAE exam as I am always banned from taking it -- despite my decades of experience and commitment to our profession.

    The Commission keeps changing the rules and then ASAE does a bad job of promoting the changes, so you don't know if you can "suddenly" qualify.

    Until everyone who is qualified (specifically, association executives and independent consultants with at least 5 years experience on an association staff) can take the CAE exam, I cannot support anyone, other than to say good luck on the exam!

  2. I completely understand...I have no idea why people with at least 5 years of association world experience *can't* take the exam no matter what their current occupation.

    Peggy (Hoffman) posted something the other day about how she didn't think it was necessary to take the Immersion Course and she has very good points, which I believe. I keep thinking I would feel safer if I still took the course, but $745 is a LOT just to feel safer...especially when I am reading everything.

  3. I don't think you need the Immersion Course. Most of my colleagues who took the December test and passed did not take the course. As long as you have the readings and study with at least one other person, you should do fine.


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