Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Association Chat: The Digital Organization

I've been reading an excellent book by Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant, When Millennials Take Over, that identifies four capacities for the future of business: Digital, Clear, Fluid, and Fast. The March 24, 2015 edition of Association Chat will focus on The Digital Organization - inspired by this great book. Is your association a digital organization? We'll discuss during today's chat.

Here are the questions I'll be asking this week:

  1. How has technology allowed your org to provide a more personalized focus on the customer or member?
  2. How has technology opened up new opportunities for more effective marketing, customer service, and even management?
  3. Does your organization focus on always improving? How does your org support innovation?
  4. Does your organization use technology to better communicate internally? How? What tools do you use, both analog & digital?
  5. How does your org use social media to improve customer service? If it doesn't, why not?
  6. How does your org's focus on the customer compare to its focus on the employee? How is it similar? How is it not?
  7. In your role, how would you choose to next invest in technology for your organization?
  8. Do employees have room to experiment in your organization? If so, please share how. If not, how might it work for your org?
  9. What role does collaboration play in a digital organization?
  10. What role does HR play for organizational reinvention based on a digital mindset?
Everyone is welcome to participate in Association Chat on Tuesdays at 2 pm ET/11 am PT. An easy way to follow along is to check out http://nurph.com/assnchat which automatically follows #assnchat for you. 

Next week's chat: Focusing on Customers and Members


UPDATE: For a recap of Association Chat: The Digital Organization, check out Kait Solomon's Storify capturing tweets from the chat.

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