Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Association Chat: Promoting Your Association

Cutting through the noise is one of the greatest challenges facing associations today. While social media provides tools helpful for getting messages out in creative new ways, the additional outlets for communication can also be overwhelming. Where does that leave nonprofits looking for the best way to communicate to their audiences?

This week's Association Chat will focus on asking questions that will help to dig down to the nitty gritty of promoting your organization's brand.

Here are the questions I'll ask this week:

  1. What messaging do you want people to repeat about your organization?
  2. Does your org target the right messages for the right people at the right time with the right communication tool? How?
  3. Does your communication reflect the association's values? How do you ensure this is the case?
  4. How do you find out what the most important issues are for your fans, members, and customers?
  5. What times during the year do your customer and members groups think most about your organization?
  6. What should be on your marketing "kill list" to weed out needless communications?
  7. When is a time your org was deliberately controversial or counterintuitive?
  8. How does your organization use social media listening to see trends and patterns?
  9. How can you break down the silos in orgs that prevent being nimble in communication?
  10. How could your org use an influencer strategy to maximize your messages?

How to participate in Association Chat:

If you'd like to check out Association Chat, just remember to jump onto Twitter on Tuesdays at 2 pm EST using the hashtag #assnchat.

If you'd like an easy and relaxing experience with the chat, I like to use Nurph for easily following along. The Nurph link to use for Association Chat is http://nurph.com/assnchat.

Resources for this week's Association Chat:

I just read the fabulous book by PR smarty Adele Cehrs, titled SPIKE Your Brand ROI: How to Maximize Reputation and Get Results. Her book inspired me to focus on promotion for this chat - I cannot recommend the book highly enough.

Storify of the chat (graciously provided by Kait Solomon)!

Next Week's Chat Topic: All About Meeting Apps for Associations

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