Monday, April 27, 2009

May CRP Virtual Lunch: Help! I have a Problem!

Our next CRP (Chapter Relations Professional) Virtual Lunch will take place Wednesday, May 27th. We are looking to you to identify some challenges you may be experiencing and would like to bring to the virtual lunch for discussion.

Topics for discussion may include:
* Chapter/national relations
* Leadership training
* Leader conflict resolution
* Communications
* Chapter policies, procedures and operations

Now's the time to discuss your most challenging issues with the people who can help bring resolutions to the table, your fellow CRP professionals.

Please take a moment to think on some items you'd like to discuss and email either Kim, KiKi or Sharon. Ideally we will have about 4-5 discussion to send out in advance of the call.

Sharon Kneebone:
KiKi L'Italien:
Kim Grimm:

To register:

Note: You can follow Virtual Lunch discussions at #CRPLunch or you can follow Sharon and KiKi on Twitter - @skneebone and @kikilitalien.

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