Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mirror to the Mothership

Sometimes the chapters operating as extensions of an organization can seem very alien to it. The more independent the chapter, oftentimes the more strained the relationship can be with the parent organization.

Lisa Junker's recent article on Acronym ("Chapter websites and donors: Food for thought") provided some data backing up the importance of having a consistent and well-supported brand across all components of a Society. The fact that poor or even mismatched websites at the chapter-level can have a negative impact on donations to the parent organization shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. However, it is easy to look around and see how prevalent this problem is today.

After reading the Acronym article, I ask myself:
  • What would it take to bring consistency to our chapter websites?
  • What is the cost?
  • Whom should I talk to first?
This seems to be a fairly easy problem to address with all of the technology available to us today. Now let's see where I can slide it in for my budget. :)

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  1. Great reply to Lisa's piece - love the opening line ... but appreciate that you see the value in the brand across all levels. I wrote a piece too in response to Lisa hoping that we can keep the conversation hot in part so we can help associations see where the local connection feeds the national's mission.


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