Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Variety is the Spice of Life (or, "Why You Should Check Out #blogchat")

Because I spend my days as a technology consultant helping association teams with their social media efforts - and my weekends and evenings as a freelance makeup artist - my online world primarily revolves around a few things: associations, social media, and makeup. So how I came to participate in an engaging, creative, and inspiring online chat on a Monday night at 9 pm ET about musical artists using social media is not a huge stretch, but still not my usual routine.

Blog Chat (#blogchat) is a regular chat happening on Sunday nights from 9-10 pm ET (although, I caught it on a rare, rescheduled Monday night because of the Super Bowl over the weekend). Mack Collier (@MackCollier on Twitter) founded the chat "to discuss blogs and best practices" and had a well-educated and spirited group of participants on the chat last night, including Chris Brogan (author of Trust Agents) and Curt Smith (founder of Tears for Fears).

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from the chat and usually find other things to keep me occupied at 9 pm at night. However, I thought I would check it out for a bit and vary up my online activity. That decision helped me to stumble across a dynamic conversation that will have me coming back for more next Sunday at nine o'clock.

Why was this such a discovery? Because it has inspired me! Because we are creatures of habit.

I am hard pressed for time and keep myself pretty busy at all moments of the day. Did I mention I have a two-year-old? Did I mention I am studying for an important exam? Right. We're ALL busy, so it is super easy to skip what we don't know or what we are not already involved in. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't still explore occasionally. Check out a chat we don't usually participate in...listen to a podcast that is new and different...crack open a book (or Kindle) for something a little different. We should look for opportunities to get inspired!

Other things I've done that are not the norm this week:
  • Played with my daughter in an enormous amount of snow
  • Participated in #blogchat
  • Filed my old docs that have been waiting for organization since I introduced my new filing system to my office
  • I tried bacon bits in my omelette (NOT a good choice for inspiration)
  • I listened to 2 BlogTalkRadio broadcasts that I've never listened to before
What do you do to "fill the well" and get inspired?


  1. Thanks for stopping by #blogchat, Kiki! And honestly, last nite's topic (Music marketing via social media) was a bit different and not as blog-centric as most of the topics we cover. But I like to switch gears occasionally, because it exposes #blogchat to a new audience. I would wager that 75% of the most active participants in last nite's #blogchat were first-timers that were attracted to @misskatiemo being there, and the topic. Then it was a stroke of luck that @curtsmith joined us!

    Hope to see you again next Monday!

  2. I will definitely be there again. I loved the discussion and have hopes to continue to meet up with some of the great minds I found there!

    Great work on putting #blogchat together and THANK YOU!


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