Monday, November 14, 2011

News You Can Lose for Mobile Apps

If you hear any of the following statements, feel free to smack the person saying them in the head. Actually, don't do that. But feel free to imagine it in great detail.
  • "Our members don't use smart phones."
  • "No one uses apps but kids in school."
  • "We have so many irons in the fire, we don't have time to consider anything mobile."
  • "Aren't mobile apps just that Chubby Bird game everyone's talking about?"
Please do the right thing. Think about mobile apps and investigate how you might use them. Educate yourself on the time it would take to develop one should the time come. Educate yourself now. 

Add mobile development to your budget. Thank me later.

Existing budget vs. Mobile app

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  1. Hi Kiki,

    You nailed it here!
    Mobile is going to be huge in the near future. Just like back in 1995 there were people who didn't recognize the value of internet []
    And budget is really of less interest if organizers realize one thing: you don't have a mobile app, your visitors have .....
    Be aware that people are becoming tired of installing different apps on their phone for the same purpose: event information.
    So focus on delivering great and up-to-date content to your visitors, rather than putting effort in building your 'own' cool app.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Derrick! Your link to the 1995 post was AWESOME. I laughed and laughed from my home office when I read about the author's view of teleworking never really taking off. It seems crazy so much has changed in so little time.


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