Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Letter to My Readers: Noob Excitement

I'm truly excited.

So excited I should insert some exclamation points for authenticity [!!!!!] to properly reflect how I feel. 

I joined NTEN recently. NTEN says it is "where the nonprofit and technology community meets" and tomorrow is a new member conference call. That's right...I'm a noob. It has been on my calendar for almost a month and I am looking forward to hearing about how I can make my membership really count. My plan is to learn the basics from the call, continue to explore the webinars and offerings on the NTEN website, continue to reach out to members of NTEN on Facebook and Twitter, and attend the Nonprofit Technology Conference in 2012.

If this sounds nerdy, so be it. I chose to join NTEN after almost two years of deliberation, so naturally I am excited. Word of mouth combined with online social media engagement is what finally convinced me to join. My good friend (and regular source of inspiration) Maddie Grant has much love and respect for NTEN and I already recognize the names of several NTEN members and staffers whom I've seen on Twitter - all of which has influenced me to not only join NTEN, but also to anticipate great things by joining NTEN.

Isn't this how most of us wish our newest members felt? When I worked for the Optical Society, I wanted our newest members to feel that same excitement for all of the benefits available to them. Awards, scholarships, recognition in the community; I had the ability to help all of them understand how to make the most of their memberships (as did all of my colleagues), but only a small fraction of members took the time to meet the staff and ask questions.

So now I am excited about joining this new organization and I am honestly looking forward to getting involved and learning what I can about how to make the most out of my involvement.

  • How can we help our prospective and newest members feel like this? 
  • How can we keep this excitement going? 
  • How can we keep our newest members engaged?

I don't know all of the answers, but I have some good ideas and I know that as I walk the path of the new member with NTEN, I will have bigger and better ideas to share on this blog and elsewhere. I'll keep posting, if you keep listening and maybe we can all have new insights on how to make the member experience magical together.

All the best,


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  1. Kiki -

    I love that I literally finished reading this post feeling the excitement that you describe as a noobie. I wonder how many of our members feel this way even initially...

    I think once you have experience in an association, and realize the new possibilities that become available to you by joining the community, the excitement you describe become inherent because you can anticipate the new connections and opportunities ahead. For those who join because of a product, because their company signs them up, or even through a conference we face a different challenge - creating a comprehensive, personal introduction to their new community where they not only feel welcome but needed. If a member perceives that their will be better for their new affiliation AND that the community will be greater for their participation - that sounds to me like a recipe for ongoing excitement and engagement.

    Thanks for sharing your excitement Kiki!


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