Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What's Holding You Back?

If you are reading this, you are lucky.

How do I know that? You have access to a computer. You are educated enough to use it. You are literate. 

According to the demographics of my blog's readers, you are most likely employed and have a relatively comfortable income. 

But I bet you're looking for more in your life.

I'm lucky. I'm surrounded by amazing, talented people I can call friends. Individually they are each strong, inspiring, and powerful. They make me stronger by association.

I'm educated. I'm making money. I'm a wife. I'm a mom. 

I've got what a lot of people want. 

But I want more. 

I want accomplishment. I want recognition. I want to achieve greatness doing something I am passionate about. 

This week's Association Chat prompt was, "What's Holding You Back?" The discussion fired up a lot of internal questions for me and seemed to do the same for other participants. 

I asked participants to focus on their own goals and skills for the chat and to consider their desires. Moving in the direction of one's desires, intentions has been a focus for me lately and people who want to move ahead should probably make it their focus, as well. Examine that life! Challenge your comfort zone! Get real with yourself!

Please check out the entire discussion we had on Association Chat and post your comments here on what you are doing to achieve your goals in your career. Do you have tips? Have you figured out a process for creating abundance in your life that works for you? Please share! It's good karma and besides, it could bring you closer to your own goals without you knowing why or how. 

Ain't life grand?


  1. Kiki,

    This is a refreshing blog post ... you put a smile on my face.

    You certainly know how to enjoy life and you are certainly an ambitious and successful individual.

    Glad you are my friend!


    1. Michael, you are a perfect example of what I was talking about - so blessed and so brilliant in your own right! I am so honored to have your friendship. Thanks for reading my post and thanks for continuing to pursue your dreams.

  2. I made a decision this week to attend the ASTD Tallahassee workshop on Thurday with Thiagi. I have a database/website transition that I am in the middle of and need to have launched by October 1st, but this workshop falls right in line with what I truly believe is my passion and where I want to take my professional career. I'm taking a huge risk and gambling on myself. It's scary and exciting at the same time. You can learn more about the workshop that I will be attending here: Wish me luck, courage, and the motivation to continue on this path.

    As always KiKi, you are right in my head. I ADORE you. I need to call or chat with you or something.

  3. Ooh, Adrienne, this class looks so cool! I'd LOVE to see you in action with training/ always have such great insights! Of course I wish you all the luck and courage and motivation in the world (I know you'll triumph)!!

    I ADORE you right back and I can't wait to talk/chat/sing with you sometime soon! :)

  4. Thank you, KiKi. Of course I'll give you a synopsis of what I learned. I am truly excited. I'm off to a reception with the trainer right now. Deep breath. And thank you for your kind words and support.


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