Monday, May 24, 2010

Everyone Needs a Savvy Redhead in their Arsenal

My first job working for an association was a whirlwind of learning, confusion, and opportunity. That first year I was introduced to a director who would become a lifelong friend (the newlywed, Ginny Hussong), membership at ASAE (my professional home), and the wild, wild world of association chapter management.

My task was to build a chapter program from the ground up and thanks to the advice of my dear friend (and new boss at the time), Ginny, I found great pearls of wisdom on the ASAE Component Relations listserv and by following the advice of one Cynthia D'Amour.

Cynthia D'Amour is not only one of the most creative personalities you will ever meet, but she lives and breathes chapter relations and leadership development. She is a supportive and knowledgeable soul and is widely recognized for her abilities as well as her vibrant red hair. Cynthia actually wrote the book on component relations (actually, she has written several books on leadership and component relations) and is an avid supporter of the chapter professional community online and everywhere she goes.

Her advice helped me build a chapter program from the ground up in my early association days and this Wednesday (May 26, 2010) she will share her expertise on a free conference call, "Helping Struggling Components Succeed."

You can read more about Cynthia on her blog at, but if you are in any way interested in leadership of groups or chapter-relations, definitely register for the call on Wednesday. You won't be sorry! 

Register here:

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  1. She's all that and more! She also has a big heart and is willing to share her knowledge and experience with others.


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