Thursday, May 13, 2010


Tassels can provide the finishing touch on furniture or drapes. They can also help you distinguish your alpaca from someone else's in Peru. Are tassels essential? No. But they are fun, entertaining, and helpful should you need to grab the right alpaca in a quick getaway.

Why are you looking at me with that smirk on your face? Was it something I said? Do you know where your organization's tassels are?

I remember discovering one organization's tassels buried on their website. Three, maybe four, steps into their content, there it was...a blog with (gasp!) activity - a real conversation had been taking place - and then I saw there were no new posts in the past three months. When I asked about the forgotten blog, the marketing director told me the chair had changed and the new chair wasn't interested in things like blogs. So, the once shiny new toy was placed to the side and buried.

I asked the marketing director why they hadn't asked another leader to take it on and he told me they hadn't considered it. After a little more discussion, we changed subjects and went on to discuss other things.

A few months later, I visited their website and saw a rejuvenated website...and a revival of their blog with a snappy button for people to subscribe if they so chose. Apparently, they had discovered a new leader to write for their blog and were proudly sharing it with their members! They hadn't invented an entirely new concept. They hadn't even created a new communication method. They just gave something another look and added the sparkle back to it. Energy in - energy out. *Jazz hands*

So, what do you say, are you ready to swing your tassels? I'll bet your members are.

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